June, ‘Sling Yer Hook’ Anchoring Event, Newtown Creek and BBQ

This event came about as a result of a number of members asking the question ‘why do we always rendezvous in marinas? Hence then the decision to hold an event at anchor where we would have to inflate our dinghies and row or motor ashore. The event did indeed prove to be very popular, no doubt very much assisted by the wonderful weather; light winds and calm water. The location chosen was just to the west of the entrance to Newtown Creek where good anchoring depth is maintained close to the beach. Eight boats, with 26 club members and associates, enjoyed a delightful few hours sail from their various home ports on the Saturday afternoon to rendezvous and anchor together off the designated beach. Some took the plunge (literally) and had a swim from their boat, but the ‘some’ here was actually, quite a small number! Towards late afternoon/ early evening we all gathered ashore with BBQ equipment, drinks and food. [Redacted] would want me to mention that the more elderly club members brought with them their own folding canvass chairs. Whilst they may have been able to achieve eventually (after much audible effort) a crossed leg position sitting on the beach, they were very unlikely to have been able to get up again. BBQs were quickly lit and alcohol dispersed in vast quantities. Surprisingly this encouraged much banter and jollity all round. Those with boy scout experience (now, now, no naughty thoughts), instinctively scoured the bushes behind the beach (for bracken and drift wood of course) and soon had a fire going, lit presumably by rubbing two of them together (well, that’s how I was told to do it, by my Dad of all people!). I’m afraid that the competitive element, ever present even in some gay men, came to the fore with various foragers returning with increasingly larger spoils. The rest of the competition admitted defeat when [Redacted] off Skylark returned with what can only be described as a fallen tree several meters in length. No, of course it didn’t fit on the fire, but on the fire it went!! But it did keep us all warm well into late evening; the temperature did drop somewhat after the sun went down. So a peaceful night and sleep of the righteous (oh really!) at anchor followed by a beautiful sail home on the Sunday. All in all a very successful and much enjoyed event, hopefully to be repeated.