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Inclusivity on the High Seas Since 1980

Founded in 1980, the Sailing & Cruising Association (S&CA) has been at the forefront of championing inclusivity in the world of sailing. Our core mission has always been to provide a welcoming and safe haven for the LGBT+ community to share their passion for sailing and getting out on the water. Over the years, we’ve grown into a vibrant and pivotal community, promoting LGBT+ boating across the UK and beyond, setting a standard in the sailing world for diversity and acceptance.

Where We Sail: Exploring UK Waters and Beyond

We’re a virtual sailing club which means we’re not restricted geographically.  Our events are focused on the south coast in the Solent (around Southampton, Portsmouth, Lymington and the Isle of Wight) and on the East Coast in the Thames Estuary. We have members scattered throughout the UK, sailing in the northeast, Scotland and the West Country, and several keep their boats in the Mediterranean.  We’ve a number of members who cruise the inland waterways and in the past we’ve had keen dinghy sailors on rivers and reservoirs.  Each year we try to explore a new sailing area, forming a club flotilla of owned and chartered boats. Racing under the Gay UK Sailing Team banner, our members have participated in the Gay Games, Round the Island Race and Fastnet campaigns.

Who We Are: A Tapestry of Diversity

Our primary goal is to create a secure and inclusive environment where boating enthusiasts can freely express their love for sailing, irrespective of their gender or sexual orientation. The S&CA has evolved into a vibrant sailing community, boasting a membership of approximately 400 individuals, around 100 being boat owners. Over time, our community has become increasingly diverse, encompassing people from various backgrounds and spanning different age groups. We warmly welcome members of all genders, and sexual orientations. Our community represents a spectrum of gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals, men, women, trans individuals, and those who identify as non-binary.

Club member boats: A Diverse and Friendly Fleet

The boats in the S&CA are as varied as our membership. From elegant sailing yachts to thrilling powerboats, whether you’re a seasoned sailor or just starting out, an owner or newcrew, there’s a perfect fit for you. Our community thrives on shared experiences, learning, and the joy of sailing together.

Joining Us: Embark on a Voyage with Like Minded People

Embarking on an adventure with the S&CA is not just about sailing; it’s about becoming part of a community where passion for the seas meets the spirit of LGBT+ inclusivity. Our membership is affordable and accessible, starting from just £20. Don’t own a boat? That’s not a barrier here. Some of our skippers are often eager to welcome new crew members aboard, sharing their knowledge and passion for sailing.

Ready to Set Sail with Us?

Whether you’re taking your first steps into sailing or you’re an experienced helm, the S&CA offers a wealth of opportunities to dive into. Immerse yourself in our rich club history and participate in our diverse events. For more information, explore our Membership and Events pages, and chart your course towards an inclusive sailing adventure.

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