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South Coast - Marchwood Yacht Club Two Boots

  • 8 Oct 2022
  • 9 Oct 2022
  • Marchwood Yacht Club


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Marchwood is one of my favourite destinations, and we always get a warm welcome from the club officials.

'Two Boots' means bring your sailing boots and your walking boots, for a pre-dinner walk along the shoreline to Eling Tide Mill basin on Saturday.

Note that the berthing rates at Marchwood are very reasonable (2021 £15 per vessel), but there is no shore power on the pontoons. 

Saturday 14th August

Meet at the Marchwood walk ashore pontoons at the top of Southampton Water by early to mid afternoon.

For those arriving in time, we will plan to take a walk along the waterside from around 2pm and returning by around 5.  (This time we will turn right when the path forks!!)

We will be able to use the club bar facilities with a either a catered meal option or an Indian takeaway.

Sunday 15th August

Head for home ports. 

Information for Skippers

On this occasion there will be no need to book and pre-pay your own berth, MYC have taken a group booking and we will each pay before departure.

There is no need to call the berthing master by VHF, visitors berths are labelled.  Smaller and shallow draft vessels please use the inner berthing spaces.

HW Portsmouth 11:18 on Saturday 8th, 11:56 Sunday 9th

MYC Contact Phone: 02380 666141



The Committee intends that club events will go ahead wherever possible in 2022, and the planned events are not intended to be cancelled unless they are clearly prohibited by government restrictions.

All events will be run as 'Cruise in Company'.  All participants must comply with and be individually responsible for relevant guidance or regulations such as socially distancing,  maximum group sizes and household mixing during any interaction of crew groups.

It will be the responsibility of individual skippers to comply with relevant guidance or regulations in respect of crewing arrangements and the safety of their crews.  This includes, but is not limited to - hygiene precautions, social distancing, group sizes and mixing of households on board.

Due to the uncertainty over Covid risks and restrictions at the time of the event, activities and catered dining arrangements (Plan A) are subject to change or cancellation.  Crews will need to be prepared for a Plan B of switching to an open air BBQ in individual crew groups or catering on board for example.

All attendees must be registered for the event for track and trace purposes.



Crew seeking berths are initially advised to visit the club Facebook ‘Crew Match’ page. If you are unsuccessful or not in the Facebook group, you are welcome to contact the event host.

Land based participants are as always welcome to join, and may wish to take advantage of one of the local hotels or B&B's in the area.

1. Register your attendance via the S&CA website by Friday 30th September

2. Visit the Facebook CrewMatch page for all crewing opportunities

3. Upon approach, skippers may be required to contact the harbour / marina by VHF for specific berthing instructions. (please state you are part of the S&CA/Sailing&Cruising Association Rally)

4. You can bring along friends, but remember to ‘add guest’ at the point of your registration. Guests can only be added at the time of registration.  If you later want to add a guest and the event did not require payment please cancel your registration and re-register adding your guest.  If your registration did require payment please contact the event host.

Your host for this event will be Andrew Palmer
Any questions, please email southcoast@gaysailing.org.uk

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