OutSailing is an initiative designed to build confidence and provide new social and networking opportunities for vulnerable LGBT young people through sailing.

Sailing is a wonderful way of building self-confidence, learning new skills, being part of a of a team and simply having fun out on the water.

Originally run as a sub-section of the S&CA, OutSailing has become a community sports group in its own right, in order to gain from benefits such as Gift Aid. The trustees are all members of the S&CA.

In collaboration with LGBT organisations that support these young people in their daily lives, we take groups to various established sailing academies throughout the country, enabling us to offer structured events with professional qualified instructors.

Whether it is a day trip, or a weekend residential, OutSailing introduces the thrill and challenges of sailing, enabling the group to get to grips with working in a close knit team.

OutSailing aims to provide a very positive experience for the young people, where they can meet new people, learn something new and develop new skills as part of a team in a safe and supportive environment.

OutSailing hopes to develop and extend the project to help motivate more young LGBT people around the country through sailing.

Further information can be found on the OutSailing website.

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If you would like to be more involved, either on the OutSailing Committee or as a volunteer, please contact chair@outsailing.org

Please support OutSailing if you can – thank you.

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