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  • East Coast - Easter on the Blackwater (CANCELLED)

East Coast - Easter on the Blackwater (CANCELLED)

  • 2 Apr 2021
  • 5 Apr 2021

CANCELLED - Due to government restrictions

Come and join us on the Blackwater as we start the season with a visit to Bradwell Marina for 2 nights, followed by a night at anchor off Osea Island. 

Berth booking note - Bradwell are not accepting bookings until there is clarity on the current lockdown situation. They have asked that club reservations are made c.1week before arrival via email/phone, providing boat name, length, beam and draft. Given this, we recommend that you reserve a berth directly yourself with the marina (from early March) and note that you are part of the Sailing & Cruising Assn. 1-2 weeks prior to the event we will see if reservations can be linked as a club. 

Navigational Note - The first half of the Easter weekend sees Spring Tides. Please ensure that you have checked tides and access relevant to your journey and vessel. Information below is for guidance only and should not be relied upon for navigation.

Friday 2nd April

Bradwell Marina 1st night

HW Sheerness - 0420 LW Sheerness - 10.46 0.53m

LW Bradwell - 1031 HW Bradwell - 16.42

Bradwell Marina is reached via Bradwell Creek. A tide gauge (in feet) is located at the mouth of the creek and shows maximum depth. Creek shows CD0.7m and the marina entrance CD1.2m. Further information at;


SOLACE will leave from Queenborough on the Medway 

Arrival at Bradwell from Midday

4-6pm, welcome drinks aboard SOLACE. Subject to social distancing requirements and numbers, SOLACE will host an 'open boat'. Please drop by for drinks and introductions.

1900/2000 - Dinner at the Marina Clubhouse/restaurant tbc

Saturday 3rd April 

Bradwell Marina 2nd Night

A day of relaxation. A late morning walk along local coastal paths and exploring Bradwell Village. Perhaps a lunchtime drink in the pub. For those inclined, there is a 3hr walking rout available on the marina website. 

Sunday 4th April

Osea Island

LW Bradwell 1213 HW Bradwell 1825

Leave Bradwell by 1400 (that should account for most drafts) and take the flood 5 miles up river and drop the hook off Osea Island, at The Barnacle anchorage. This is great place to have an onboard BBQ or for those wanting to do a little more socialising, there is the potential for rafting or tendering between vessels.


Monday 5th April

Home Ports

HW Bradwell 0705 LW Bradwell 1317

LW Sheerness 1306 HW Sheerness 1938

Leave the blackwater on the Ebb, taking the Ebb North or, in time to pick up the flood south.

Host - Jonathan Morrish eastcoast@gaysailing.org.uk 



The Committee intends that club events will go ahead wherever possible in 2021, and the planned events are not intended to be cancelled unless they are clearly prohibited by government restrictions.

All events will be run as 'Cruise in Company'.  All participants must comply with and be individually responsible for relevant guidance or regulations such as socially distancing,  maximum group sizes and household mixing during any interaction of crew groups.

It will be the responsibility of individual skippers to comply with relevant guidance or regulations in respect of crewing arrangements and the safety of their crews.  This includes, but is not limited to - hygiene precautions, social distancing, group sizes and mixing of households on board.

Due to the uncertainty over Covid risks and restrictions at the time of the event, activities and catered dining arrangements (Plan A) are subject to change or cancellation.  Crews will need to be prepared for a Plan B of switching to an open air BBQ in individual crew groups or catering on board for example. 

All attendees must be registered for the event for track and trace purposes.



Crew seeking berths are initially advised to visit the club Facebook ‘Crew Match’ page. If you are unsuccessful or not in the Facebook group, you are welcome to contact the event host.

Land based participants are as always welcome to join. However, If booking accommodation please note the current uncertainty and weather dependency of these trips. 

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