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  • South Coast - Early May 'Mayday' Bank Holiday

South Coast - Early May 'Mayday' Bank Holiday

  • 1 May 2021
  • 3 May 2021
  • Bembridge and East Cowes


Please see Covid Note Below 

The South Coast -  May-day bank holiday event is expected to go ahead as households and bubble crews only, and subject to the rule of 6 or two households outdoors. 


The May-day bank holiday is planned to start at Bembridge for the Saturday, and move on to East Cowes on the Sunday.  Berthing reservations have been made, but please see the details for skippers below about berthing at Bembridge and East Cowes.

Saturday 1st May 

Home ports to Duver Marina, Bembrid
ge.  Evening arrangements have been restricted to individual crews catering on board and cockpit drinks.

Sunday 2nd May

Due to the late tide we will have an optional morning walk to the lifeboat station, and then make way to East Cowes Marina in the afternoon. 

Evening arrangements have been restricted to individual crews catering on board and cockpit drinks.

Monday 3rd May

Head for home ports

Skippers - Bembridge berthing bookings now closed.

East Cowes berthing bookings now closed.


Crew seeking berths are initially advised to visit the club Facebook ‘Crew Match’ page. If you are unsuccessful or not in the Facebook group, you are welcome to contact the event host.

Land based participants are as always welcome to join, and may wish to take advantage of one of the local hotels or B&B's in the area.

1. Register your attendance via the S&CA website by Friday 16th April

2. Visit the Facebook CrewMatch page for crewing opportunities.  Note that CrewMatch must only be used in accordance with any Covid restrictions or guidelines in force at the time of the event.

3. Upon approach, skippers will be required to contact the harbour / marina by VHF for specific berthing instructions. (please state you are part of the S&CA/Sailing&Cruising Association Rally)

4. You can bring along friends, but remember to ‘add guest’ at the point of your registration 



The Committee intends that club events will go ahead wherever possible in 2021, and the planned events are not intended to be cancelled unless they are clearly prohibited by government restrictions.

All events will be run as 'Cruise in Company'.  All participants must comply with and be individually responsible for relevant guidance or regulations such as socially distancing,  maximum group sizes and household mixing during any interaction of crew groups.

It will be the responsibility of individual skippers to comply with relevant guidance or regulations in respect of crewing arrangements and the safety of their crews.  This includes, but is not limited to - hygiene precautions, social distancing, group sizes and mixing of households on board.

Due to the uncertainty over Covid risks and restrictions at the time of the event, activities and catered dining arrangements (Plan A) are subject to change or cancellation.  Crews will need to be prepared for a Plan B of switching to an open air BBQ in individual crew groups or catering on board for example.

All attendees must be registered for the event for track and trace purposes.


Your host for this event will be Andrew Palmer
Any questions, please email [email protected]

HW Portsmouth 15:36 Saturday, 16:45 Sunday and 17:49 Monday

VHF 'Bembridge Harbour' Ch 80

VHF 'East Cowes Marina' Ch 80

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