About Us

The Sailing & Cruising Association is a friendly and relaxed club that welcomes all those who identify as LGBT+,  together with their families and friends, who have an interest in sailing or boating. We are an inclusive club and do not tolerate discrimination on gender, race, disability or other protected characteristics.

The Club aims to support all types of sailing activities, such as dinghy sailing, yacht racing, cruising and power boating. But if there’s something missing, there’s nothing to stop you getting things started! The Club is run by and for you so just get in touch with your ideas and we’ll see if we can help.

Currently there are around 450 members, with new members joining us from all across the diversity spectrum. You don’t need to be an experienced sailor or own your own boat to join; there are plenty of opportunities to crew for one of our 120 boat owners, or to get together with other members to charter boats, both at home and abroad either individually or as part of one of our regular flotilla events. The Club assists with matching crew to skippers; it organises a number of events to enable new sailors to get afloat with more experienced members, also to participate in formal training courses with other members.

The Club encourages all members to train for safe boating and is affiliated to the UK’s governing body for boating, the Royal Yachting Association (RYA).
If you’re new to boating, we've put together our New As Crew guide which offers helpful advice to inexperienced Club members who are keen to get out on the water.